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Who’s Ammar Optician

In 2001, it was the start of Ammar Optician as an optical shop in Bahrain which has been introduced several types of branded frames and sunglasses and giving service of eye test and fixing different types of optical lenses.

Now in 2019 Ammar Optician have 7 branches spread across Bahrain and gives different type of services in optical, hearing aids and medical supplies with a very good trade name which encouraged the insurance company to have deals with us like Takaful International, Tazur, Gig Bahrain, Bnl, Solidarity, Snic, Arabia Insurance, Medgulf Takaful etc., through various providers.

Ammar Specialist Eye Center in 2012 it was the first step to move from Bahrain to Oman as an optical shop under Ammar Optician Company which was the first stage in our three stages strategy.

Now in 2019 we moved to the second stage which is (Ammar Specialist Eye Center) that we transfer the big area optical shop which is more than 350 Sqm. to a center which include eye clinic with a full services and optical showroom. In this center we do the consultation with very high qualified consultant Bahraini doctors who have plenty years of experience. And we also do several types of eye checkup through different types of machines from the best in the world, which are German manufacturing, mostly from Zeiss company and also we do difficult type of eye surgery in our theater room in the same center thru very high quality machines which are from Germany and USA.

The Third stage in our strategy will be opening more branches in Oman in different areas and then opening our future hospital which will be more advance step in doing advance services in eye field.

As a part of the year 2020 Ammar Eye Center starts with a new 3 floors building with 600 Sqm. which is exclusively only for the center. Each floor fully equipped with the most modern medical equipment especially first floor reserved only for operations and procedures. Any complicated type of operational procedures related to eyes are done in this new space by our Consultant doctors with high confidence and accurate results. The flow of patients showing the trust and belief in us is considered the most pleasurable moments for Ammar Specialist Eye Center.

Our Branchs

Our Team

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Quality Vision, Our Mission


We aim to ensure equality in maintaining proper eyesight in community via high equality methods with competitive prices and best services.



To be advanced locally and regionally in the field of optics under accurate planes, and periodic updates in regard to consumers trust and satisfaction.

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